District History

District VIII came into being in April of 1924 when eastern British Columbia, north eastern Washington, Alberta, Idaho and Montana were split off from District IV due to the rapid expansion in the number of Clubs in the area. In 1980, Saskatchewan was transferred from District VII to District VIII. There have been twenty four Clubs in District VIII over the years with twelve remaining active.
The District is very active with most clubs well represented at Conventions and the District Interim Meeting. This latter function is held at the same time every year in Fairmont Hot Springs BC. All attendees look forward to the first glimpse of spring and make extra use of the hot mineral spring fed pools.
The District also has an annual Curling Bonspiel in Banff, Alberta alternatively hosted by the Calgary and Stampede City Clubs. This over the years has been attended by many visitors from neighboring District IV. At the time of writing, the main trophy resides in Alberni BC. This will insure they make the long trek back to defend their title.
Due to the vast geography of the District, it is difficult to get all of the Clubs together much more than is currently attempted; however, the Clubs in the various regions get together often for golf, Founders Night ceremonies and, of course, where possible, Club Installations.
The Clubs of District VIII have contributed significantly to the leadership of Gyro, both at the International and District levels and the members have received appropriate awards at all levels.
We are a friendly District and enjoy the fun of each other’s company.

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